Hi I’m Desmond, A Digital Business Growth Consultant with years of experience & a Viral Tech Reviewer
What Do I Do?
I help Businesses and individuals create a solid business foundation and presence on digital platforms including search engines and Social Media platforms , through offering advice on strategies that work and convert internet based individuals into paying customers.
What Skills Do I Offer?
What skills do I offer? - Social Media Growth and Marketing strategies through content creation . - Web development (when necessary) - Internet Based awareness and strategic planning ( Google Analytics & Admobs, Google Maps (when a business has a physical presence) , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) )
Top Brands I Have Worked With
- Koji : An USA based technology company enabling internet users create amazing games without the technical know how. (Featured on Forbes)
Panda Security: A world famous cyber security software company that specializes in creating products for IT security
Abovo42 Corporation: Creators of the new amazing social media platform (Abovo.co) that embodies exactly what social media is supposed to be with the non requirements of logins and signups
Universe : A USA based technology company bringing simplicity to a huge aspect in technology (web development) . Their popular app (Universe) enables anyone create a. website in under 2 mins all straight from your mobile device. No coding needed . ( Featured in Forbes Twice - CEO featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019)