2.Selfie Type (Feature by Samsung)
You don’t type touching the phone but rather through finger gestures tracked by the phone’s selfie camera 🤯
5: Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop
Stunning Design, can be driven side ways (Easy parallel parking)
Key features
More updates Coming soon
3. Alienware Concept UFO
The annual tech event which showcases latest and upcoming technology from various manufacturers has began. Here’s an update on a few Tech worth Noticing
7: TLC Smart Mobile Devices
1. Oneplus concept One
4. Mercedes Benz Concept Vehicle ( Avatar )
6: Samsung Note 10 Lite
You’re probably here for the Tech Condom so here you go 😱
8 : Lenovo Thinkpad X1 (first folding-screen laptop)
Technology Expo 2020 Updates
: Disappearing Cameras, Actual Gold on the sides and edges
Hand held powerful pc gaming and personal use device